Our Story

About a year ago, we were fascinated with the idea of Nashville hot
chicken. We thought about the idea and how we can take it and make
it our own. We are introducing bold and exciting new menu items
never seen before. We are 3 highly trained chefs who will bring a lot of
new tastes and flavors to your taste buds. We are all about quality and
use the best and sustainable products to ensure the best quality for
every single one of our customers. Our chicken is 100% organic from
Mary’s organic farm and all bread are made for us from a local bakery.
We met in culinary school /hospitality industry and have worked
really well together throughout the years. We are very excited to
introduce Badchkn to Los Angeles.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide fresh and great tasting food at reasonable
prices in a clean, friendly and environmental way. We are all about
organic and sustainable products to ensure the quality of the food to
every single one of our customers. We thrive for every customer to be
treated equally and have the best customer service we can offer. What
is our goal? To be better today than we were yesterday and better
tomorrow than we are today.

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